Getting Started

Getting started is simple! When you are ready to start, give me a call so we can set you up with access to the client portal. You will get a welcome email from my practice with sign in information. Once in the system, you will electronically complete the intake paperwork (like having a first visit to the doctor).

What to Expect in Therapy

Since therapy is a partnership between you and I, you can expect me to ask you questions and get your perspective on how you see your life right now. Your goals are my priority while we work together, so I will be sharing how I can help you achieve these things and outline them in your individualized treatment plan. Since the first session is our foundation, I will ask you to share your story of what motivated you to seek therapy and the related circumstances. I will ask questions about your background and family/personal history. It is important to me to understand your unique life perspective and create a healthy therapeutic alliance. I ask for your feedback throughout the experience to help create an environment that feels right for you.


As you continue your therapy journey, we will check in with your goal progress monthly and adjust your plan as needed. 

Therapy Termination

Everyone’s therapy experience is different. Timelines for therapy participation vary from person to person. You can discontinue therapy at any time for any reason. If you choose to end therapy before completing your goals, I can assist you in finding alternative therapy and treatment options if needed.

 In an ideal situation, as you are nearing completion of your therapy goals we will discuss discharge planning and recommendations for you to consider as you prepare for a successful termination (“graduation”).  Some individuals choose to enter into a maintenance schedule where they attend therapy as needed. If this is something that you would like to consider, please let me know and we can discuss this option.